People think passionately with video games

This becomes obvious from observing small children playing with their tiny console or on the Wii. Why not take advantage of that energy to motivate those who are unenthusiastic about any normal school task?

Overcoming stereotypes

Some years ago, thinking and writing on video games, we propose three ideas that are still today a starting point for reflection. They refer to three overly common stereotypes that must be overcome:

  1. Video games are a waste of time and also violent. I would venture to think that objects in themselves are in fact neither good nor bad: it all depends on how they are used.
  2. It is difficult to know which game to choose from. Yes, they are the great unknown and I think choosing one or another greatly affects how gratifying the experience can be. It is sometimes said that they have not yet created one with the caliber of a film well known for its quality.
  3. Video games are overly absorbing. Without a doubt they are. Science or literature is too when it absorbs a researcher, a novel writer, or its readers. As always in life, passion and thought to interact and mould our actions, and indeed why should video games be any different?

Our perspective

We look at video games from an interdisciplinary environment in which psychology, sociology, art, literature, graphic design, and computer programming are all present. In any case, we cannot resist a recommendation:

“play, play, play! Let’s lose our fear of consoles and screens as a good starting point to thinking passionately. Let’s play with other people, of all ages, in real or virtual settings. Sharing knowledge teaches us to improve and progress”