A Targeted Approach

We assume that using digital tools girls and boys create popular cultural productions by exploring multiple discourses. Our research examines the use of digital technologies among children and young people, considering several dimensions of their thoughts and practices.

From a methodological point of view, we examine big and small data.

  • Ethnography and action research approach to small data to understand the meaning of personal and collective activities.

  • The most recent perspectives of artificial intelligence connected to semantic analysis inspire our approach are involved in our big data analysis.

We have explored multiple topics, from video games to the most recent, for example fan communities and interactive narratives.

Our approach


Culturally defined everyday contexts are explored, focusing on how people use digital instruments.


How digital instruments transform the cultural practices of children and adolescents when they use multimodal discourses.


 Fans and citizenships,  video games, digital literacies, entertainment settings, formal and informal education


Understand and encourage people to use digital technology and the media intelligently and responsibly, being aware of their individual and collective motivations.

Latest Publications

Blog posts are the first approach to our projects and their results. They show the evolution over time and include links to other scientific or dissemination publications of the research group.

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“30 years after the International Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted by the United Nations, the adult world continues to seek a restrictive form of mediating the freedom of expression of boys, girls and adolescents – individuals who are usually invited to express themselves when they are not causing a discomfort in the world of their parents, teachers and politicians”

“However, at the heart of the digital revolution and, maybe, in an unprecedented way since the concept of childhood was conceived, today’s children are also holders of the right to freedom of expression.”

Research Support

Our research is funded by public and private entities. Among them, the universities to which the researchers belong, other national and international institutions, ICT companies, and cultural industries stand out.

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We are a multi-disciplinary team focussed on the children and adolescents digital lives

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