Ten reasons for using Flipboard

1.    It is my favorite content aggregator

What’s meant by aggregator is software, sometimes even a mobile app, that allows users to gather interesting information from certain online sources, showing even the innovations and changes.

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2.    Aesthetic is important

I started using this app a while ago, as the aesthetics with which it presents its content is surely one of its strengths. Not only it includes texts, but also images and videos. These elements play a key role in the design. Hence its appeal, at least at first.

3.    Open doors to new content, often unthinkable

I use Flipboard to access online information, sometimes suggested by the application, in very specific areas: art, photography, film, etc. Everyone finds varied comments about their interests. Long ago I read even the daily press on it. Maybe due to intellectual property issues some newspapers gradually disappeared, even if a selection of some of them remains.

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4.    I create personal magazines that can be shared

This feature is perhaps the most remarkable of all. Contents are related to your interests and they can grow. Here they have a place not only for personally generated content but also from other people. Therefore, authorship may be collective.

These are my magazines at the moment: Films, Propaganda, Photography, Art, Games

Mis revistasRED

5.   I can  access every social network

I can integrate not only my own publications, but also those by other people and the content they share on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. In my case, the following image includes some of my sources.

Mis fuentes Red

6.    I included and explored my Twitter lists

Twitter lists are resources that make our life easier in the information jungle. Some time ago I almost stopped accessing Twitter, I believe that my mind had had enough. I received hundreds of messages without any coherence or relationship among them. The situation began to change when I created lists of the people I follow, depending on the issues. I include them here, as they appear in Flipboard.

Books Music_Sound
Interesting people Mobile
Fandom Activism
New_Media Academics
Social_Media Games
Media Films

7.    I can include content from any mobile device

There is no doubt that this application is appealing. Its design sometimes makes it hard to leave, but this has disadvantages: it could lead to concentrate just in the contents selected by its editors. In order to solve this and, no doubt, because users ask for it, Flipboard allows adding content to magazines when outside the application, online or from a mobile device. In mobile tools, there’s a «Share» button.  If this option is not included, anyone can do it by following Flipboard’s instructions.

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8.    I add content from the Web

IIt is also very easy to add external content from the Web by using predefined markers.

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9.    Flipboard is old but innovative

There is no doubt of this. Not only does it try to find new contents, but it also generates utilities to make it easier for the users to explore them. It has even fought for copy rights. In any case, many media on the Web allow to access their contents, wholly or partly.

10.    Recently it stopped being just a mobile application

An example of this innovative effort is the shift towards allowing users to control contents from the website. The application was created for mobile devices, but it  has been able to go beyond. This may be a sign that not everything is easy on a cell phone, as a computer is more useful when performing complex tasks.

Ten reasons for using Flipboard

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