Responsible citizenship: Childhood and convergence 

Convergence is defined in relation to situations in which multiple platforms coexist while media contents flow through them. Children and youths are immersed in these universes. We analyze how they re-construct digital and analogical media message, and how a collective imagination which shapes their identities emerges from these processes.

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We also consider close and distant communication environments such as communities of practice where people learn to share goals and support each other in the process of co-construction of knowledge. Education and entertainment are linked to the development of critical thinking processes and conscientious participation in digital communication environments. Some specific research topics carried out from this perspective are as follows:

  • We explore the meaning of material objects that mediate analogical and digital communication. Those meanings are related to the goals that guide people’sactivities when they interact in communicative contexts re-mediated by technology.
  • We also analyze media messages, rebuilt by the young people through different expressive codes. In relation to these processes,we explore the different mental representations specifically related to each interactive medium. For example, the thought processes behind machinima productions and video game design show clear differences depending of the situation and the medium with which people interact.
  • We also analyze processes of active participation in social media. Our interest started around analyzing blogs and, most recently, social media. This question is central in our recent work. For example, at the moment we are analyzing virtual communities generated around casual games on Facebook, and online musical productions by fans present in Youtube.