Pilar Lacasa

Pilar Lacasa. Coordinator

She is a Full Professor of Audiovisual Communication at the University of Alcalá. (CV)

She loves video games, movies and new media. Pilar leads the research group “Images, Words and Ideas”, which has developed innovative theoretical methodological approaches to children and young people enternaitnement and educational activies. She has been visiting scholor at the Comparative Media Studies, MIT and Annenberg Innovation Lab, USC University of Southern California.


Young people entertainment

We explore and design multimedia contexts where children turn into active participants in digital entertainment and educational universes in which multiple technologies are present . We understand these media contexts as “living labs”. How children and young people learn in virtual and real worlds when using commercial video games both in and outside the schools. Specific processes related to analytical and narrative frames of thinking are considered.

Related publications

Pilar Lacasa, Rut Martinez-Borda & Sara Cortés (2014 / in press). Notebooks, blogs and commercial video games as evocative objects in classrooms. International Journal of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments.

Pilar Lacasa (2013). Learning in real and virtual worlds: commercial video games as educational tools. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

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Henry Jenkins & Pilar Lacasa (2010). Learning in a Participatory Culture: A Conversation About New Media and Education. (4 Parts). Interview. Confessions of an Academic Fan. The Official Blog of Henry Jenkins.

New literacies and participatory culture

Our research focuses on digital literacies developed by in children and young people, as they interact with each other or with adults mediated by digital technologies. Literacy is contextualized within the framework of processes involving awareness of oral, written, or audiovisual language, as well as the transformations that these processes involve in relation to the specific used discourse. How multiple discourses present in film, photography, video games, machinima or social networks may be related in these specific contexts. Audiovisual machinima productions (recordings of the game in real time), as much as design and creation of video games are examined when authors are children and young people.

Related publications

Lacasa, P., García-Pernía, M.R., & Núñez, P. (2014). Adolescents’ media experiences in the classroom: SimCity as a cultural model. Journal of Education and Training Studies. 2 (1), 103-116

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Matthew S. S. Johnson & Pilar Lacasa (Invited Eds.) (2008). Special issue: Reading Games. Composition, Literacy, and Video Gaming. Computers and Composition 25 (3) 255-370 2008.

Methodologies for approaching everyday context

From an ethnographical approach we work as active participants with schools, families and groups of children or youths, exploring their cultures by defining specific contexts mediated by digital or analogical communication technologies. Moreover, we adopt and action research, that intends not only to understand reality and culture, but also to contribute to transform them closely by interacting with other participants and according to shared endeavors. Our research tools intermingle analytical and narratives dimensions of thinking when interpreting multiple sources of data.

Related publications

Lacasa, P., García-Pernía, M.R., & Cortés, S. (2014). Video games, machinima and classical cinema: Personalized gaming. In Marios C. Angelides and Harry Agius (Eds,) Handbook of Digital Games (471-501). Hoboken, New Jersey; John Wiley & Sons ISBN: 978-1-1183-2803-3

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Lacasa, P., García-Pernía, M.R., & Cortés, S. (2013). From gamers to game designers: Looking for new adolescent literacies. In Konstantin Mitgutsch, Simon Huber, Jeffrey Wimmer, Michael G. Wagner and Herbert Rosenstingl (Eds.) Context Matters! Exploring and Reframing Games and Play in Context. (121-135). Vienna: New Academic Press


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