Patricia Núñez Gómez

Patricia Núñez Gómez

She is a PhD Professor and an Advertising and Communication researcher.

Patricia is a PhD Professor and an Advertising and Communication researcher. She is part of the Faculty of Communication Sciences at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Lines of research:

Children and advertising, children and innovative educational methods, media literacy.

Advertising and media literacy with children at primary schools, considering children as critical citizens. Head of the group Branding Kids ( (

Learning new literacies: commercial video games and digital communities as cultural and educational tools. Construction of social reality in young people through open digital services and content: socio-communicative behaviors and competencies in the DIGITAL NATIVES network (R&D).

Study of the influence of violent audiovisual content in public awareness campaigns against gender violence among children.

Visiting researcher at several international universities such as the universities of Sao Paulo, Helsinki, Tampere and collaborating in Latin American and European universities in several research projects.

Member of the research groups SOCMEDIA (Study of the learning and leisure socio-communicative behaviors and competences developed by children and young people (digital natives) through the use of new media, ICT and Images, Words and Ideas.

Academic President of the International Advertising Association (IAA). Member of Ecrea (Temporary Working Group Children, Youth and Media ) and ICA.


Patricia Núñez Gómez