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Youth Digital: Smart uses of technology

The main goal of these interactive books , which was undertaken in conjunction with Telefonica in Madrid, was to contribute to the creative, intelligent use of technology by young people. We sought to generate new types of entertainment situations in everyday life, building new paths towards the intelligent use of digital technologies.

These environments require users to handle new forms of expression and new discourses, which are based as much on images and sound as on oral and written language. Other skills are also necessary. All of this is facilitated in collaborative situations where experts and novices interact, regardless of age.

The workshops

A series of workshops were organized at the Telefónica Flagship Store in Madrid. This is an open technological space where people can buy mobile devices, learn how to use them, and explore other cultural spaces dedicated to innovative artistic, creative and technological exhibitions. The workshops were an exploratory space for cooperation between participants: children, young people, adults, Telefónica staff, and a multidisciplinary research team.


Telefónica Flagship Store, Madrid. GIPI Group. 2014 12 13

Doing ethnographic research

Sessions were recorded in video and in photographs. These pictures and videos were the starting point for the quantitative and qualitative analyses of these environments. The public distribution of events at the workshops, and of the knowledge generated at them, will contribute to creating an image of the way young people use technology, with the skills that twenty-first century society requires.

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Software’s Analysis

Interactive Books’ contents

This interactive book, in which images and sounds are just as important as words, is broken down into two complementary volumes in order to facilitate reading.

In this first volume, Digital Youth. Interactive Workshops,  we present the main components of the experience: the workshops, the digital communities and networks, the families, how kids work in small and large groups, and finally the role of the adults involved.

In the second volume, Youth Digital. Multimodal Discourses, we discuss relevant processes involved. For example, the dialogues, the particular skills needed to master the use of audiovisual discourses, and how they are applied to different content in online and offline communities. Finally, we give an overview of the technology and the apps we used.

Madrid. Telefónica Flagship GIPI Group. 2014 12 13
Madrid. Telefónica Flagship GIPI Group. 2014 12 13
Interactive Books. Young Digital

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