The Image, Words and Ideas Research Group was created to seek answers to the challenges coming from digital and analogical technologies and those posed by our society.

As active participants and citizens, we receive and produce information and convey knowledge and feelings to other people.  It is our belief that entertainment and education happen everywhere, and they should therefore received some attention from researchers.

The group was created quite a few years ago, and it is based on the idea that universities cannot remain isolated from the social, historic and cultural context in which they immersed.

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The group’s activities must contribute to improving the life of citizens, especially of children and youngsters. By combining entertainment and education, we try to develop critical and creative thinking processes without forgetting about values such as empathy and solidarity.

Here you’ll find the following information:

  • The archive of our past research in both Spanish and English. You will find several projects, ideas and proposals. At the end of the day, this is a big part of the Image, Words and Ideas Research Group’s history.
  • Recent work carried out in collaboration with Electronic Arts- Spain, our partners from many years. Aprende y Juega con EA (Play and learn with EA) includes resources to turn commercial video games into educational tools in both the homes and the school. They can be a starting point for reflection and emotion, as well as books, television, movies and other interactive media.