Interactive Book. Adolescents and Social Networks

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Adolescents use the social networks Instagram and Vine combined with other applications that are distributed free of charge via iTunes and Google Play. This new book seeks to facilitate creation processes that help young people identify with their cultural heritage, with interactive art and with human knowledge mediated by mobile devices.

Improving adolescents participation

The goals of the activities we undertook with young people were as follows:

  1. Facilitate processes of civic engagement and community participation through scenarios where people interact physically and digitally, focusing particularly on photography and video.
  2. Contribute to the development of digital literacy , encouraging conscious use of the various languages involved.
  3. Propose design models to help create interactive digital environments, supported by digital technologies,.
  4. Explore, from an ethnographic perspective, the participation of children and adolescents in scenarios related to digital art..

Children and young people aged between 8 and13 participated in the research experience. As our intention is to focus our reflections on cultural items, be they tangible or intangible, tablets and mobile phones were used during the sessions. The Image Word and Ideas Reasearch Team and staff from Intermediae –Matadero designed several workshops, with specific objectives that changed and were adapted as the sessions progressed.

Matadero – Madrid. GIPIKIDS 12. 2014 10 19
Matadero – Madrid. GIPIKIDS 2. 2014 10 23

An interactive book

This book summarizes the ethnographic research undertaken. The document is structured into six chapters which outline the most pertinent issues that emerged in the study. For example, T the concept of social networks, based on Instagram and Vine, the concept of digital literacies related tomulti-modal discourses observed online. We focus on the use of photography and video as forms of expression. Finally, we present the main data related to the research itself and describe how the study was undertaken.

Matadero – Madrid.  GIPI Group. 2014 11 23
Matadero – Madrid. Gipi Group. 2014 11 23

This research experience combines scientific rigor, specifically in the analysis and interpretation of the empirical data obtained, with social action aimed at the development of new forms of digital literacy among young people. In short, ideas and suggestions arise through these non-formal educational environments which could help to ensure that education responds to the demands of 21st century society.


Interactive Book. Adolescents and Social Networks

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