The Research Group Images, Words, and Ideas

The aim of this website is mainly to show some of the activities of research group “Images, Words and Ideas”. It also introduces some resources that are somehow relevant. Of course, they are likely to change over time as our interests move forward.

The research group Images, Words, and Ideas explores young people’s and children’s everyday activities when interacting with digital media, especially videogames. Communication contexts and entertainment settings are intertwined in our work, based on three axes:

  1. Everyday life and new media, understood from the concept of participatory culture.
  2. The performances, productions, and messages built by children and young people, contemplated both as active participants and producers. From this approach, we focus on the processes new literacies acquisition. 
  3. Interactive and digital technologies that support and enable convergent media, enabling people to participate in shared endeavors as critical and responsible citizens.

We look for research results colliding with social affairs. During the past ten years, we have been collaborating with children, young people, families and schools,exploring new ways of entertainment that enable children and adults to develop as global citizens in their communities, in particular as producers as well as active receivers of media content.

We have collaborated closely with IT-related private foundations and companies. Especially relevant are the agreements between the research group and Electronic Arts in Spain (2006-2012) and those signed with Microsoft Spain, Cedro, Universal Pictures, and Telefónica (2007-2008).


Official Minecraft Trailer

Minecraft is moving gaming from Nintendo DS to tablets. You can also play on Play Station 3 and Xbox 360. New versions for more advanced consoles are to be announced. The game allows for online interaction from any device. Here, entertainment is intertwined with creative activity. Geometric building blocks generate new forms in digital worlds, and you can also experience some adventures even if that’s not too clear yet.


Scratch is a tool for children to learn how to create by using a programming language. The community, organized around this instrument, allows for sharing creations and even for reusing those from others. It can be learned and taught as a game. Mitchel Resnick is the developer at MIT. We recommend this article by Mitchel, which gives an idea of the philosophy to organize activities that he proposes.

London Philharmonic Orchestra

London Philharmonic To Release Album Of Greatest Video Game Music – View More by This Artist